Image of One with the Night (The Companion Series)


Image of One with the Night (The Companion Series)

In Squires' amazing, darkly erotic series, vampire politics can mean both sexual seduction and brutal compulsion. In this novel, the hero considers himself a monster, but the heroine does not. She prefers to view her condition as a disease that has not changed her soul. Squires' books always push sexual boundaries while presenting rich and compelling characters.

Having finally broken free from his sexually sadistic vampire creator Asharti, Callan Kilkenny made the mistake of trying to create his own vampire society. The born vampires disapproved, and only the kindness and guilt of one spared Callan's life. Now he's learned of a doctor up in the Scottish Highlands who is working on a cure for vampirism.

Upon arrival, Callan understands Dr. Blundell's obsession. The cure is for his daughter Jane, whose blood was accidentally tainted. His own guilt impels Callan to be the guinea pig for the experiments. The vampire elders are split on the idea of a cure, but the powerful and evil Elyta Zaroff arrives first and decides to take control of the experiments and all the participants. Now Callan and Jane must fight against the extraordinary ability that Elyta uses for her own sexual entertainment. (St. MARTIN'S, Apr., 341 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith