Image of One-Night Alibi


Image of One-Night Alibi
ONE-NIGHT ALIBI (4) by Kara Lennox: Police officer Hudson Vale observes a shady transaction between a famous Texas lawyer and a prostitute, so he does his job and arrests the man — even though it lands him in a world of trouble when the lawyer decides to sue. That’s just the beginning of Hudson’s problems, however, because a short time later Franklin Mandalay III turns up dead and Hudson’s only alibi is the man’s estranged daughter, Elizabeth Downey. Hudson and Liz must rely on Project Justice for help in finding the true guilty party. Lennox’s wonderful tale of long-buried mysteries and legal complications will keep readers intrigued, as will the conflict between Hudson and Liz, sparked by their refusal to rely on the local law to help them prove the truth.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay