Image of One Night With a Hero


Image of One Night With a Hero

At times, this romantic book is heartbreakingly realistic, with a plot that draws you in the second you pick it up. Brady’s struggle to find himself makes readers root for him, despite his stumbles. Both Joss and Brady are characters with a lot of heart and their path to a relationship is both compelling and fiery hot. If you are squeamish about sex while pregnant, then you may wish to find another read, but it would be a shame to turn this lovely tale away.

When soldier Brady is temporarily discharged from the Army so he can work out his longstanding anger issues, he thinks life is at a standstill. But then he meets Joss and their chemistry is off the charts, however, neither wants to commit to anything more than just one night. Things change when they unexpectedly become neighbors and the surprises keep on coming. Brady desperately wants to be the man that Joss deserves, but he must come to terms with the abuse he has suffered first. (ENTANGLED PUBLISHING, Oct., dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Mary Bennings