Image of One Night With His Virgin Mistress


Image of One Night With His Virgin Mistress
After receiving some favorable comments on her writing from an agent, Tallie Paget decides to take a gap year and see if she can complete her romance novel. She lucks into the perfect house-sitting arrangement in London but soon learns that luck had nothing to do with it. A vindictive relative has set her up, and when the real owner, Mark Benedict, returns home, he wants her out. But after she helps him out of a jam, Mark relents and they co-exist peacefully -- until Tallie asks his advice about men, which leads to some surprising results. Sara Craven's One Night With His Virgin Mistress (3) features two very likable characters that have no discernable chemistry. Still, it's fun to see the evil character from Tallie's book, who is based on Mark, go from a villain to the romantic hero as her feelings change.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers