Image of One Night with the Laird


Image of One Night with the Laird

The scandalous widow and rakish laird make quite a pair in Cornick’s sexy, funny, romp of a romance. The delightful love-hate relationship and the manner in which they bait one another through witty dialogue and amusing situations is sure to bring a smile to readers’ lips. But there is also poignancy and sweetness in this second of Cornick’s Scottish Brides series that will touch readers’ hearts.

Lady Mairi MacLeod is looking for a man to take to bed and ease the loneliness she’s felt since her husband’s death. She chooses her masked lover carefully, but after a night of incredible and inventive passion, she discovers her lover is Jack Rutherford. Jack is a handsome devil, self-centered and charismatic — the kind of man she hates. Jack spends months searching for his mystery lover and finds her when he is asked to escort Mairi to a family christening. They are oil and water: each doing their best to annoy, embarrass and get away from the other as they journey north. But when Mairi is threatened by a ruthless schemer, Jack is the only one who can protect her — if she can place her trust and her love in his hands. (HQN, Nov., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin