On a bloody battlefield in Spain, Neville Wyatt, Earl of Kilbourne, marries Lily Doyle, daughter of a common soldier, in an honorable move to protect her. The day after their wedding night, he sees her die and mourns her senseless death when he returns home.

However, Lily is not dead. When released by her Spanish captors years later, she arrives in England just in time to stop Neville from marrying the woman intended for him since childhood. Everyone is stunned by her sudden appearance, and no one more than Neville, who is ready to honor his vows and make Lily his true wife.

But she is a soldiers daughter, untutored in the ways of the ton and the world outside military barracks and battlefields. Lily is unprepared for the greatest fight of her lifeto fit into Nevilles world.

With the help of Nevilles aunt, Lily begins to learn to be a lady. Yet it is not a lady who captures Nevilles heart, but the unconventional, lively, loving and sensual Lily. Somehow, Neville must convince her to be his wife even after they learn their marriage may not be legal.

Unlikely lovers, a tightly woven plot, a wonderful portrait of the era and a story that engages all your emotions is what youll get when you settle in to read ONE NIGHT FOR LOVE. Mary Baloghs unique ability to bring a by-gone world and unforgettable characters to full-blooded life makes this a real treat. SENSUAL (Aug., 385 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin