Image of One-Night Love Child


Image of One-Night Love Child
After five years as a globetrotting reporter, Flynn Murray is home in Ireland as the new Earl of Dunmorey Castle. Waiting for him is a five-year-old letter from Elmer, Mont., informing him that he's a father. It brings back memories of Sara McMaster, with whom he had a three-day fantasy-filled time when he was covering the Great Montana Cowboy Auction. Flynn rushes there to meet his son and is thrown for a loop when he realizes he's still immensely attracted to Sara. Anne McAllister's One-Night Love Child (4) is a delightful love story, and Flynn is a charmer with hints of vulnerability that will make your heart melt. From the start you want this couple to get together, and you're rooting for Flynn to find his way back into Sara's heart.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers