Image of One Night, One Baby


Image of One Night, One Baby
Since neither friends nor family remembered her birthday, Jane Redmond decides to complete a list of "dares" to break out of her ordinary life. First up is kissing a tall, dark and handsome stranger. She spots the perfect candidate but loses her nerve and decides to just take a picture. Mitch Holland catches her in action and demands to know what she's doing. When she tells him, he quickly takes care of the kiss and surprises Jane by asking to go along on her adventure. After their fantasy-filled day and night has ended Jane finds out she's pregnant. Kate Hardy's One Night, One Baby (4.5) is a terrific attraction-at-first-sight story. He's hot, sexy and vulnerable, and she's patient because, in the end, she knows he'll be worth it.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers