ONE NIGHT WITH PRINCE CHARMING (3) by Anna DePalo: Wedding planner Pia Lumley thought the worst had happened when a client’s nuptials were interrupted. But now, she’s facing an even bigger disaster — the man who turned her life upside down in one night has returned, and he isn’t the man she thought he was. James Carsdale, Duke of Hawkshire, hadn’t intended to run from Pia’s bedroom and disappear into the night, but then he learned of the deaths of his father and brother. Guilt over taking Pia’s virginity kept him away. Now he’s back and, still reeling with guilt, he tries to revive Pia’s floundering business. What Hawk doesn’t expect is to be ensnared by Pia’s innocence and warm-hearted intelligence in this romance that’s more steamy than heartfelt.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper