Image of One Night with a Rake (Regency Rakes)


Image of One Night with a Rake (Regency Rakes)

Mason and Marlowe pen another seductive winner. The ladies are in their groove with book two of their Royal Rake Series. It stands alone, and has lots of interesting characters, plenty of action and passionate, wicked adventures!

Lord Nathaniel Colton’s disgrace in France keeps him on the fringes of society, where he is most comfortable gambling and whoring. He gets a chance to clear his name — all he has to do is seduce his dead fianceé’s sister. Lady Georgette Yorkingham is a reformer on a crusade to save the soiled doves of London. She treads where angels fear to, and luckily Nate is there to rescue her time and again. He becomes her public escort and her private nursemaid, even as he plots to ravish her and destroy her chances of making a royal wedding. Her tenderness and innocence give him pause, even as he begins to see the woman within — a meddlesome woman with a big heart, who turns out to be the bane of his existence and the love of his life. Now, he just has to convince her of that. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer