Image of One Night of Sin: A Novel


Image of One Night of Sin: A Novel
Rebecca is running for her life from her ruthless cousin Prince Mikhail and his Cossacks when she finds shelter in Alec Knight's doorway.

Rake, rogue and libertine doesn't even come close to describing Alec. But from the instant he takes Becky into his home and his arms, he begins to reform. It's lust at first sight that quickly grows into a powerfully protective love.

Becky brings out the best in Alec. Suddenly he is a knight in shining armor out to win his lady's hand. Using his gambling skills, he vows to win back her home, save her village and rescue her from Mikhail. Neither has any idea how dangerous, thrilling and wildly passionate their journey will be.

One Night of Sin moves like lightning from the streets of London to its gaming halls, palatial townhouses, ballrooms and bedrooms. An unlikely hero, a hellion of a heroine and the breakneck pace help make up for less depth of character and plot than Foley's usual fare. SENSUAL (Jun., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin