Image of One Night, So Pregnant!


Image of One Night, So Pregnant!
ONE NIGHT, SO PREGNANT! (4.5) by Heidi Rice: Freelance event planner Tess Tremaine is horrified to discover a one-night stand with CEO Nathaniel Graystone resulted in pregnancy. Though money is tight and she lacks job security, she decides her child will be better off without a father than with an unloving one. But Nate has every intention of being involved in his child’s life, and he makes it his mission to persuade Tess to accept his help. When they aren’t fighting like cats and dogs, the explosive passion between them is difficult to contain. But is that enough to build a future together? Pages fly by as Tess and Nate work to overcome the emotional scars of their troubled childhoods in this tender story.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan