For centuries, the Royal Four protected king and country. No one knows that elderly Lord Barrowby, aka the Royal Four's Fox, has allowed his young wife, Julia, to assist him in his work. Upon his death, he expects her to take his place as the Fox.

Julia knows she won't be accepted instantly, but she hardly expects Marcus Ramsay to be her greatest adversary. Convinced that he's next in line to become the Fox, Marcus is suspicious of Julia and determined to unearth her secrets. When he finds her diary, a collection of sexual fantasies, he seizes the opportunity to use them against her. He will make every secret longing come true and then expose her as unsuitable for the Four.

But his plans go astray the moment Marcus kisses Julia. Fulfilling her fantasies helps him create his own, and as it becomes evident that Julia is a target of England's greatest enemy, Marcus must choose between love and power. Bradley is at the top of her form! With high suspense, erotic and passionate love scenes and a plot that twists and turns faster then a roller coaster, she grabs you and holds you captive until the last deep sigh. SENSUAL (Apr., 321 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin