Image of One Night with a Sweet-Talking Man (The Frasers)


Image of One Night with a Sweet-Talking Man (The Frasers)

The Frasers return, and Leigh delivers another warmhearted love story filled with biting repartee, charming characters and the love of family. This is by far the feel-good book of the season.

Jed Fraser puts his clipper in dry dock while he visits his family. That's when he meets Caroline Collins and her son, Garrett. Caroline is cold toward Jed, who doesn't understand why, until he sees himself reflected in Garrett's face.

Caroline has never told anyone who fathered her son, but seeing Jed brings back memories of his brother, who was killed in the war. All she wants is to run the family lumber business, but she must marry Jed to save her reputation. Caroline knows she can trust him and depend on his help when a ruthless lawyer tries to take their land. His family welcomes her and Garrett with open arms, but can she fall for the sexy devil? (Pocket Star, Mar., 230 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin