To save her sister, Savannah McRae agrees to take on card shark Sean O'Connell in poker with the intention of humiliating him. The tables are turned, so to speak, on Savannah when Sean ups the stakes on the last hand—one night in his bed if she loses. Savannah does, and when it comes time to pay up, Sean changes the stakes—he wants her as The One-Night Wife (4.5). But the charade turns too real too fast. Plus, there is still the issue of her sister, which forces Savannah to choose between the man who has become her world and the sister who is her world. Sandra Marton gift-wraps a juicy tale filled with tension, high stakes, a to-die-for hero, passion and romance. This is a very engrossing story, with characters that are larger than life yet have enough believable issues that you can really empathize with them.
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short