Image of One Night With You (Kimani Romance)


Image of One Night With You (Kimani Romance)
Gwynne Forster's One Night With You (2) often asks you to suspend reality. Judge Kendra Rutherford has practiced law for 14 years, yet she buys a home unaware that it's on Native American burial grounds and is the site of protests. She's shunned when she moves to town yet finds a friend in another newcomer, Reid Maguire. Reid was a well-respected architect with his own firm, but unjust circumstances turned him into a homeless beggar at the point of suicide. Six years later he's hired as an assistant architect in the same town that Kendra has relocated to. Leery of women after his ex-wife left him when he lost everything, Reid vacillates between wanting a relationship with Kendra and putting distance between them. Kendra is not much better, but they find a way to be together.
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Debbie R. Sims