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by Judith O'Brien

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Time Travel, Paranormal Romance

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One minute ad exec Julie Gaffney is in a medieval theme restaurant, the next shes in the middle of an enchanted castle in legendary Camelot.

Julie handles her time travel amazingly well, but her meeting with the handsome Sir Lancelot leaves much to be desired. When Julie tries to warn him about the havoc his infatuation for Guinevere will cause, he is insulted, thinking she is an enemy sent to destroy him and King Arthur or an enchantress set on tormenting him.

Julies warnings come too late as the evil Malvern shatters the Kings faith in Lancelot. Suddenly, Lancelot, Julie and Malvern find themselves back in the future where the legend of Camelot has changed, with Julie in the lead role of evil enchantress who seduces Lancelot into betraying Arthur while the heroic Malvern dies protecting the King!

When Lancelot starts rapidly aging, he and Julie become desperate for a solution. With help from a modern age Merlin, the lovers find a way to save Camelot and stop the evil Malvern.

Ms. OBrien mixes a little Hollywood, a little Disney and little literature into the cauldron of this Arthurian legend to create a magical adventure that frolics through Medieval Camelot and the streets of New York. Dont miss the fun. (Nov., 340 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed By: Maria C. Ferrer

Publisher: Pocket

Published: November 1998

Reader Rating

2 Stars

Average Rating: 2 Stars
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One Perfect Knight

Submitted by Robin in PA on May 1, 2011 - 4:38pm.

While chaperoning a children's birthday party at a medieval theme restaurant, Julie Gaffney suddenly faints while examining a suit of armor.  She awakens in Camelot, face-to-face with the legendary Lancelot.  Julie soon realizes she has a mission to fulfill.  Only she can stop the destruction of Camelot and save Lancelot from the royal deception that will tarnish his name for all time.

While I've liked other time-travel books by this author, I wasn't crazy about this one.  I really didn't see any connection between Julie and Lancelot.  Don't know how they suddenly fell in love.  Camelot was a very over-the-top fairy tale land.  I was glad when the story went back to present day NYC.  The rest of the book was trying to get Excalibur and Lancelot back to Camelot.  Interesting but no real originality.  My rating:  2 Stars.