In the first of three spin-off novels from the memorable For the Roses Julie Garwood presents readers with Travis' very own story.

Hot under the collar about tracking down the man who robbed Mama Rose on her way to Rosehill, Travis finds himself saddled with escorting an unusual young lady to her mail order bridegroom.

It really isn't Emily's fault that one of her previous escorts was shot and the others died. It would be just her luck. But when the nice Mama Rose offered to have one of her sons accompany Emily on the last leg of her journey, she is relieved-until she meets the stubborn, arrogant Travis.

ONE PINK ROSE is a frothy confection of a read, something like the foamy cream on a cappuccino-all delight, pure fun and yummy. This laugh out loud little read is the perfect book for a quick pick-me-up and though it lacks the length and the depth of For the Roses, it is well worth your time for the simple enjoyment you'll get. Julie Garwood knows how to reach out and touch readers' hearts. SWEET (June, 145 pp., $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin