Adam Clayborne has no desire for a wife no matter what his mother believes. But once he see the beautiful Genevieve, he's not so sure he wants to remain a bachelor. Genevieve would like to be Adam's bride. After reading his letters to Mama Rose and listening to his mama's stories, she cares for him, but she has troubles of her own and does not want to burden Adam with her past.

Though neither will admit it, they are strongly attracted to one another, and they agree that she should be on her way. But Adam follows her when she sneaks off. When Genevieve's nemesis catches up to them, Adam makes up his mind to find out just what kind of trouble she's in and to get her out of it with a little help from his "friends."

I have waited for Adam's story since I read the last word in For the Roses. The wait was worth it. ONE RED ROSE is as heartwarming and charming as the rest of the series. Though this ends one phase in the saga, it begins another with elusive Daniel Ryan. Readers will adore Genevieve and feel their hearts have been warmed by seeing Adam meet his match and finally find a bride. Ms. Garwood has a gift for sending our hearts soaring and for writing feel-good stories that stay with you forever. This is one more. SWEET (Aug., 145 pp., $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin