Image of One Rogue Too Many (Rival Rogues)


Image of One Rogue Too Many (Rival Rogues)

Two men vying for one woman makes for a merry romp. Grace captures the essence and atmosphere of the era, even if the light story does not entirely captivate readers seeking more depth of character and convincing plot. This is a charming and quick evening’s read.

Lady Gabrielle would love to trust Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, but she can’t quite believe the rogue, since he professed his undying love and then left her. This time she is guarding her heart. Gabrielle does not know the truth behind Anthony’s actions and vows to wed a steady, calm man. Anthony’s rival, Baron Sebastian Thorne, is determined to lure Gabrielle into his bed. Anthony appears to have the upper hand as the “game” begins, but still Sebastian believes he can play the role of the man Gabrielle is seeking. As passion clashes with duty, Anthony realizes he must let Gabrielle see the man behind the rake’s facade or lose her forever. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin