Image of One Scream Away


Image of One Scream Away

Brady weaves a tight and gripping mystery in One Scream Away. The romance builds slowly and releases in an emotionally satisfying conclusion, which is both endearing and intense. While traditionally romantic suspense novels have relied on the hero saving the day and the grateful heroine falling into his arms, Brady's heroine isn't one to wait for a man to save her -- not that she'd mind if he did.

After an attack that changed her life, Beth Denison created a new life for herself and her daughter. When her attacker, Chevy Bankes, is released from prison, the only thing on his mind is tormenting Beth. As the body count rises, Beth must decide if she trusts ex-FBI agent Neil Sheridan enough to tell him the truth or face handling Chevy on her own.

Neil is running from a past full of mistakes and death. No way does he want to get involved in a case linked to his past. Yet something about Beth offers redemption. If he can just get her to tell him why Chevy wants her dead and reveal her deepest secrets, he's sure he can save her and, in the process, save himself. (FOREVER, Jul., 464 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton