A wonderful story with convoluted relationships and a very good bit of mystery. The characters’ actions are all made clear in the end. The hero’s wife’s illness is tastefully portrayed and the heroine’s adopted family is quite charmingly believable.

A proposal of marriage sets teacher Jane Aaron on the road to discovering who her birth parents are. Her search takes her to Cedar Springs, Texas, where she was born. Determined to stay there until she finds answers, she takes a job as nanny to widower Asher Price’s two children. Her first impression of Asher makes her think he’s a cold, uncaring father, but as she gets to know him she discovers how wrong she is. Neither are ready for the attraction they feel for one another and their road to happiness is very rocky, especially since Asher’s 12-year-old daughter is firm in the belief that they should have no future together. (POCKET, Jun., 397 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley