Image of One Shot (Jack Reacher, No. 9)


Image of One Shot (Jack Reacher, No. 9)
In a small Indiana city, a sniper kills five innocent people in a seemingly random spree. There's an overabundance of evidence, and the sole suspect is immediately apprehended. His only words in his defense are: "They've got the wrong guy. Get me Jack Reacher."

The lone-wanderer antihero of Child's phenomenal series is always one step ahead of the crowd, and he's already aware of the crime and headed to Indiana, determined that justice will be served. What he finds when he gets there is a case that isn't quite as neatly sewn up as almost everyone—himself included—would like it to be.

Ex-military cop Reacher is a unique leading man whose intimidating physical strength—he's 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds—is overshadowed only by his incredibly quick mind and nearly super-natural ability to think on his feet. As Reacher says in the novel, "If you surprise them, you don't have to hit them very hard." But Child pulls no punches—physical or intellectual— in this fast-paced caper that's just as scintillating as it is smart. (Jun., 376 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino