Image of One Silent Night (A Dark-Hunter Novel)


Image of One Silent Night (A Dark-Hunter Novel)

Archvillain Stryker has been a fascinating character from the beginning -- one who occasionally shows flashes of humanity. In this Dark-Hunter novel about two antiheroes, the romance is more of a secondary plot point than in previous books. It's less a typical paranormal romance and more of a gritty thriller with a pair of true antiheroes
facing their emotional past. Kenyon again stirs her bubbling, overarching plot, and what explodes from within changes everything!

With his hatred for Acheron and Nick Gautier blinding him to the dangers of his actions, cursed Daimon Stryker unleashes the imprisoned Titan god War with the proviso that his enemies be killed. Fearing for Ash's life, Artemis unleashes her own weapon -- Stryker's long-presumed-dead ex-wife, Zephyra.

Zephyra has thirsted for vengeance against the man who abandoned her and their daughter, Medea, so she leaps at the chance to torment her ex. Stryker is stunned by the revelation that he has a warrior daughter. As War makes his first attempt to annihilate Ash and Nick, it initiates a chain of revelations that will rock the god, Daimon, Dark-Hunter and human worlds. For the planet to survive, unholy alliances will have to be made. (ST. MARTIN'S, Nov., 308 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith