Image of One Sinful Night


Image of One Sinful Night

O'Riley's tale of love reverberates with lighthearted humor, witty repartee and endearing characters that capture the era to the enchantment of readers.

At 16, Aidan Kavanaugh flees Galway after finding his love, Vivienne Montgomery, in the arms of another man. Vivienne is heartbroken, and left with her reputation in tatters. Ten years later, Vivienne now lives with relatives in England who know nothing of her past. Aidan remembers the love they shared and the pain of her betrayal. Now the respectable Earl of Whitlock, he is engaged to marry.

Then fate throws Vivienne in his path at a country house party. Though they try to avoid one another it's impossible to prevent the old passions from stirring. There are those determined to keep them apart even as their love grows, and Vivienne is willing to sacrifice her reputation to claim Aidan's love once more. (Zebra, Mar., 380 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin