Image of One Small Miracle (Outback Baby Tales #4162)


Image of One Small Miracle (Outback Baby Tales #4162)

ONE SMALL MIRACLE (3) by Melissa James: Separated from her husband shortly after their baby's death, Anna Curran West is in mourning for her marriage, her son -- and the other children she can't have. Then her friend Rosie asks Anna to care for her baby, Melanie, while she's treated for postpartum depression. Anna agrees, although it means a temporary reconciliation with her husband, rancher Jared West, to keep Rosie's mother and the child welfare authorities in the dark. That suits Jared, who wants Anna back. But can they put aside their painful past? The plot and conflict are strong, and Anna's sympathetic, but Jared's not awfully likable. The ending's worth waiting for, though.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer