Colby Wingate needs a mega-watt celebrity to endorse her family cosmetic firms new cologne. Superstar Sterling Hamilton is the perfect candidate; she approaches him, only to discover Sterling has a different proposition in mindhe wants her to have his baby! How insulting that he expects her to marry him, get pregnant the old fashioned way, give birth to their child and walk away six weeks later, leaving her child and all maternal rights. Her reward will be his endorsement for the cologne and a million-and-a-half dollars. Outraged, Colby dismisses his offer unequivocally. The ironic twist is that shes so attracted to Hamilton that she cant see straight.

Sterling has never been rejected. He finds Colbys rejection even more disturbing in the wake of the powerful lust she evokes in him. In a ruthless move, Sterling plays his trump card and forces Colby to accept the marriage. He never realizes the delectable Ms. Wingate has a few conditions of her own, conditions that could ultimately destroy his world. She unwittingly unlocks the doors to a tragic past hes worked hard to erase.

Brenda Jackson has reached a new pinnacle of literary and commercial excellence in ONE SPECIAL MOMENT that is sure to be a run-away bestseller! (Aug., 249 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson