Graduating from college with a degree in biogenetic engineering, Laurel is on the threshold of her life. Laurels father would like her to work at Longsfield Labs, and her long-time beau wants her to marry him. Laurel is unsure of what to do until a letter offers her an opportunity.

When she was 16, Laurel, who is also a gifted artist, had a painting exhibition. Artist Maybelle Starr, world renowned for her fairy paintings, attended and was impressed. Recently, Maybelle has been losing her sight. In Laurel, she sees her potential successor, so she is offering Laurel the opportunity to come to Fallingstar, VT as her apprentice.

Laurel leaps at the opportunity, but she has some difficulty adapting to Maybelles method of teaching. Maybelle knows theres magic in the nearby woods and in Laurels heart just waiting to be set free.

Laurel also is attracted to the earthy and handsome Dane. Dane keeps the estate running, and he and his sister Daphne have been close to Maybelle for years. At first neither Dane nor Daphne is happy with Laurels arrival, for they suspect that Maybelle may be keeping secrets. They are so right, and that discovery will change all their lives forever.

ONE SUMMER NIGHT is the newest magical gem written by rising star author Mary Alice Kruesi. Step into an enchanted world where true love may also be tinged with sacrifice. (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith