Image of One of Those Malibu Nights


Image of One of Those Malibu Nights

Grab this book, lather on sunscreen and head outside to soak up some guilty pleasures, including murder, romance and travel. Adler's story is perfect reading material for a hot day. Her descriptive words whisk readers away for a walk on the beach or to an outdoor cafe to savor a cup of coffee. Enjoy!

Private investigator Mac Reilly and his beloved dog, Pirate, are enjoying a late-night stroll on the beach when a woman's scream pierces the stillness. Rushing to investigate, Mac narrowly misses being shot by an obviously upset woman. When the woman disappears and her gun is found in his car, Mac ends up in the middle of a bizarre situation.

Mac and his girlfriend, Sunny Alvarez, travel from Malibu, Calif., to the remote countryside of France with many side trips in between. They're on a collision course with a murderer, and the body count is adding up. Mac needs to solve this mystery quickly before someone he loves is the next target. (ST. MARTIN'S, Jul., 400 pp., $28.95)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson