Lisa Alvarez is doing her best to leave the past behind. A successful advertising executive engaged to marry her much older boss, Lisa plans a calm future. Unfortunately, an old friends cry for help rocks Lisas planand her heart.

Widowed for a year, Maggie Scott has reached the end of her rope. Coping as a single parent of three kids is stressful enough, but finding a cryptic note to her late husband from a woman shoves Maggie right over the edge. She desperately needs to get away. With her parents and brother Nick out of town, Maggie asks her best friend and former sister-in-law Lisa for help.

While Lisa has tried to put the town of Solana Beach and the pain it represents behind her, she cant ignore Maggies request that she baby-sit for the weekend. With any luck, Nick will remain out of town and Lisa wont be forced into contact with her ex-husband.

The best laid plans go awry as Maggies quest to uncover the mystery woman takes her on a wild chase up the California coast, and Lisa is forced to confront both Nick and the painful memories of their baby daughters death. Can Maggie, Lisa and Nick find the strength to face the future with new joy in their hearts?

Ms. Freethy does an excellent job juggling personal growth of a number of characters in this compelling novel. The grief of death is a powerful motivator, giving this novel an inspiring, illuminating core. (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith