Staab takes a break from paranormal romance with her first foray into contemporary romance, and while it might not break any new ground, it's a fun, fast read. The CEO romance may be overdone, but this time, it features a relationship complicated by the characters already having a history, giving the plot and the romance additional depth. While the mystery is fairly easy to solve, there are still several possibilities to keep you guessing. Best of all? The amazing chemistry between the characters. You can believe they have both a past and a possible future, and use of secondary characters is the perfect balance of three-dimensional while not overtaking the main storyline. Readers will want to see where this series leads next.

Five years ago, Elise Jackson left her internship at HaleStorm broken both emotionally and career-wise. When she realizes Michael Hale, the man who broke her, will be her boss for this contract assignment, she vows to keep things completely professional. But the closer they work together, the more her resolve weakens. Michael sees her as the one who got away, but Elise has to determine how she can save Michael's company as well as save her heart. (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl, $2.99)

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Cyndy Aleo