Image of One Whisper Away: Ladies in Waiting


Image of One Whisper Away: Ladies in Waiting

The first in Wildes’ Ladies in Waiting series is a lush and highly sensual love story. Since this is the beginning of a promising series, the author introduces characters we will see in future books, which may distract from the primary love story. Still, Wildes has crafted a romance that is sexy and sweet.

Lady Cecily Francis is set to marry a lord, but she’s looking for a way out, since she knows her sister is the one who truly loves him. She finds it in an unexpected encounter with the Earl of Augustine. An American and half Iroquois, Augustine is in England to settle his father’s affairs and his three half-sisters’ lives before returning to the States. When he innocently wipes spilled champagne off Cecily’s gown and whispers in her ear, he starts quite a number of rumors in the ballroom and sets Cecily to thinking. She proposes an arranged engagement, which would silence wagging tongues and give her sister a chance to hook her man. Augustine already desires Cecily, so he’s more than willing to pose as her fiancé. Despite numerous distractions, Augustine seduces a very willing Cecily and together they are able to face those who could destroy them. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 314 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin