The second in the Clayborne brothers trilogy centers on Douglas Clayborne. His trip is supposed to be a simple business transaction, but turns into something much more.

Douglas is sent to pick up an Arabian stallion from a young rancher, but when he arrives, he finds a young and very pregnant widow pointing a gun at his chest. He isn't too concerned until Isabel goes into labor and he is forced to deliver her premature son, Parker. The baby has a good chance of survival, but only as long as Douglas can protect them from a greedy neighbor.

Douglas realizes he is falling in love with Isabel and that he feels a fierce protectiveness for her and the baby. With the help of his brothers and the town's doctor, he manages to make them safe; but how can he ever win her as his bride?

As charming as For the Roses, as sweet and funny and sensual as anything Ms. Garwood has written, ONE WHITE ROSE is a tiny treasure within this month's offerings and a must have book if you love the Claybornes as much as I do. SENSUAL (July, 145 pp., $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin