In order to escape the machinations of her stepfather, Lillian Kane, Lady Janus, masquerades as mistress to Dillon, Marquis of Beaumont. Lillian has to wait until only her 24th birthday, when she comes into her inheritance and will be free to do as she pleases.

When Dillon is accused of murder and is incarcerated in Newgate, Lillian calls upon Nicholas Redford, a former Bow Street runner and owner of an enquiry agency, for help. But he declines. Desperate to save Dillon, Lillian sets out to seduce Nick. All does not go as planned, though. After getting over his anger, Nick does offer his help, after Lillian reveals Dillon's secret, which proves his innocence.

Nick proves to be a relentless investigator and a satisfying lover as the two set out to free Dillon. A nicely rendered, engaging romance. SENSUAL (Jul., 370 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond