Image of One Wicked Night


Image of One Wicked Night

A prequel to Mack's Three, this book features Lord Edward's sexual escapades before he meets Lady Fiona. Fans of Three will love the hot backstory, and new readers will enjoy the sexy side of Victorian London. The sex is varied, and there's something here for everyone, including three-way sex (two men with one woman and two women with one man), oral and spanking. The prose is convincingly Victorian, and the characters are well crafted. An all-around satisfying story
with a little mystery thrown in for fun!

Lord Edward recounts his sexual history with his first love, Anne, and his first serious affair with Xaviera, the Spanish ambassador's young wife. Both women, in their own way, present a danger to Edward, and neither his heart nor his body is completely safe, especially when nude portraits of Xaviera appear in some exclusive London shops, and Xaviera's cruel and jealous husband suspects Edward helped put them there. But if Edward didn't commission the portraits, who did? (Aphrodisia, Jan., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes