Revisit Barbara Dawson Smith's Kenyon family and the meddling grandmothers, the Rosebuds, as Brand Villiers, Earl of Faversham, runs headlong into his nemesis, Lady Charlotte Quintan. Five years ago, scandal drove Charlotte into banishment. Now more mature and restrained, she comes home to help after her grandmother is injured in a carriage accident. The last person she wants to see is Brand, the one responsible for her shame.

A dissolute ex-member of the hellfire club known as The Lucifer League, roguish Brand doesn't need Charlotte disrupting his life when he's investigating a series of murders tied to the League and the Rosebuds.

But Charlotte will not sit aside when the Rosebuds are in danger. So against their better judgment, they agree to pose as man and mistress to ferret out a killer while a Bow Street Runner is hot on their trail trying to frame Brand for forgery and murder.

Obviously, these two are going to fall in love. The enchantment comes from how well Smith brings them together, just when we think it's impossible. The inclusion of many characters we've come to love, an adorable dog and a surprising mystery are blended together with perfection. SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin