Image of One Wild Wedding Night


Image of One Wild Wedding Night
The Encounters miniseries continues as Izzie and Nick marry. After the wedding, all five of Izzie's attendants have their own romantic adventures. In "Getaway," Bridget is reunited with Dean, the undercover FBI agent who broke her heart. Now, he's determined to keep her safe forever. "Runaway" finds stripper Leah entering the wrong limo, where she falls asleep only to be awakened by wealthy real estate magnate Slone, who mistakes her for a hooker. Lawyer Mia runs into the sweet man she's run away from and discovers he's arranged the secret erotic fantasy she told him about in "Three Way." Vanessa sees the man who betrayed her as a teenager, and the Rockette dancer greets NFL hero Stan the Man with a punch to the jaw in "Her Way." Finally, Gloria, married with three small children, regains her sensual side when a sexy stranger approaches her at the bar in "All the Way." Innovatively divided without losing details, these sexy stories are fast and fascinating. One Wild Wedding Night (4), by Leslie Kelly, is a pleasure that will leave readers wishing for more.
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Page Traynor