Jeffries merges her Royal Brotherhood series with her School for Heiresses series, delivering a marvelous, powerful and sensual story of star-crossed lovers. Readers will be immediately drawn to her well-defined characters and pulled into the political and reformer backdrop she uses to set off her characters' motivations and keep the story fresh and captivating. Jeffries fans will devour this treat.

Readers will recall how Louisa North (one of Prinny's illegitimate children) had Simon Tremaine, Duke of Foxmoor, the man she once loved, exiled to India. Simon returns, and this time he's not going to take "no" for an answer, especially when her father promises to help Simon's political career if he marries Louisa.

One long "intimate kiss," and Louisa is nearly lost to Simon's charms. Determined to continue with her prison reform work, she refuses to think about marriage or Simon. Charming as he is, she can't trust that he's wooing her for love. After all, he might be seeking revenge for his banishment. But it's soon apparent that the fires that once blazed between them have turned into a raging inferno.

Yet when Louisa uncovers her father's role in her marriage she's furious, and as truths behind Simon's past, her reform work and their love come to light, she will fight to win Simon's heart and loyalty. (Pocket, Sep., 367 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin