Readers of the "Only" series have been anticipating the publication of this tale centering on Rafe "Whip" Moran, who made cameo appearances in the other books and returns for his ONLY LOVE.

As soon as Whip notices the young woman selling her wedding ring for supplies in the local mercantile he is intrigued. And when he saves her from the unwanted attention of unruly miners he appoints himself her guardian and seducer all in one.

Everyone believes Shannon Smith lives with the famous bounty hunter, Silent John. Whip's natural sensuality and his gentle caring awaken longings within Shannon that shatter her fragile independence and make her aware of her own desirability. But Whip is a "yondering man" who's not to be tied down.

When it appears that Silent John is dead, Whip asks his family's help in keeping Shannon safe. However, the longer he stays around Shannon the closer he comes to losing his desire for freedom. Whip has only to help her strike gold so he'll be free to leave. But how can he ever leave the woman who is a treasure of love and his passionate soulmate?

Elizabeth Lowell knows how to keep the sexual tension spiraling higher and hotter while she works her magic and makes fantasy become reality. ONLY LOVE is another wondrous love story overflowing with the joy of discovering the power of love; a fitting ending to this series. SENSUAL (July, 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin