When his commanding officer is quartered in Felicity Dryson's New York home, British doctor and army officer Captain Jared Walker finds himself attracted to the colonial miss.

With her father fighting with General George Washington, Felicity tries to avoid arousing suspicion that she secretly works for the rebel cause. However, Jared discovers her covert activities and uses the information to blackmail her into a seduction.

Felicity has no choice, especially when her father returns wounded and Jared saves his life. Jared continues working his wiles on her, but her distrust of men keeps her fighting their mutual attraction.

Felicity wants a child and conceives of the perfect plan: Jared and she will marry, she'll have her child and when the war is over, he will return to England, leaving her free. Jared is willing to wed, but vows never to leave the woman he loves.

Suddenly, a woman claiming to be Felicity's half-sister, Margaret, arrives in New York. Jared is suspicious of Margaret and when strange accidents and illness occur, he tries to implicate Margaret in the crimes.

Mistrust, fear, pride and passionate war erupt as Jared and Felicity fight those scheming against them. Though the plot is tried and true and the action predictable, the engaging hero and colonial backdrop will appeal to anyone who loves a good (sexy) early-American read. VERY SENSUAL (June, 347 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager