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by Susan Mallery

Genre: Contemporary Romance, General Contemporary Romance
Sensuality: HOT

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Reality show mania comes to tiny Fool’s Gold in the latest installment of Mallery’s warmly tender series. Nontraditional forms of parenting provides the major source of conflict and emotion between the protagonists. Mallery’s keen gift for developing stories that dig deep into family dynamics is again on display. Passion, poignancy and humor add up to heartfelt reading.

The story of Fool’s Gold’s man shortage has caused Hollywood to come calling in the form of a new reality TV romance competition. Volunteered by the mayor and her boss, Dakota Hendrix is stuck being the town’s liaison to the TV production company. Her biggest challenge arrives in the form of angry Alaskan bush pilot Finn Anderssen. Finn is irate that his younger twin brothers have bailed on finishing college in order to participate in this competition. Finn raised his brothers after their parents’ death, so he has a lot invested in them. Dakota is in the process of adopting a child, so she doesn’t need the emotional roller coaster of a potential lover. Both Dakota and Finn have a lot of emotional baggage; can their attraction ever amount to more than a fling? (HQN, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: HQN

Published: August 2011

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Only Mine by Susan Mallery

Submitted by staceyc4 on August 1, 2011 - 7:48pm.

Susan Mallery takes us back to the fictional town of Fool's Gold, California, for book four in the series, Only Mine. 


Dakota Hendrix is on hiatus from her job; forced to oversee the production of a romance/reality show being set in her beloved home town while dealing with a devastating health crisis , she does not need any other complications in her life.  Then there's Finn Anderssen.  He wants nothing more than to be back in Alaska but his wayward younger brothers have other plans - ones that include being part of the Fool's Gold reality show.


This book takes the reader through several storylines with Finn and Dakota's being in the forefront.  They are both all about family - but they approach it very differently; their one common bond is each other. 


With characters that are very relatable and secondary characters that are interesting and sub-plots that keep you wanting to know more, you'll find yourself with a very satisfying read in "Only Mine".  Susan Mallery is at her best with this one and you'll find yourself watching the bookshelves for the next two books in the series!