Greyson Ballantyne has managed to get just about everything he's ever wanted in life. Graduating from an Ivy League school, nearly reaching career heights at a young age with a prestigious law firm, he has it all—all except his one true love.

After her cheating husband is killed in an auto accident, all Sutton Hill-Galloway wants is to move on with her life. The reappearance of her childhood friend and his proclamation to start a romance was not in her future plans. Having suffered through one horrific relationship she'd rather have a root canal than enter another one. But Greyson will do whatever it takes to bring Sutton around to his way of thinking—to convince her that together with her daughter they can be a happy family.

With each book, White only gets better and better. ONLY IN MY DREAMS is the quintessential romance novel, laden in both intensity and sensuality. White offers the perfect hero and heroine in Greyson and Sutton. (May, 316 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton