Aurora Devereaux knows becoming romantically involved with the boss is a terrible idea. But Nic Avalon is very attractive—and Aurora hates following rules.

Operating under the facade of an international banking firm, Immortality Incorporated is actually a company run by immortals who control the emotions and fate of humans. Aurora works as a fate, and when she saves the life of a man meant to die, complications ensue. Can she find an alternative path that will be a win-win situation, before someone else has to lose their life?

Nic is determined to keep his and Aurora's relationship professional, while she sets out to find great, mind-blowing sex—as long as love doesn't enter the picture.

The first in a new series, this is a fun book with lots of humor and passion. The emotions of the immortals are all too relatable and Aurora is bright and determined. Sexual tension sizzles as she and Nic each try to do what they believe is right. (dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor