In a thoroughly inventive novel with twists and turns aplenty, the very talented M.J. Rodgers starts the month off in her own unique style. When her brother walked away from a case and into jail on a contempt charge, a beautiful P.I. has no choice but to get to the bottom of the virtual reality case that put him there. A secretive rival P.I. seems to be working on the same thing and the two join forces. LOVE VS. ILLUSION (4.5) will thrill you, surprise you and win your heart.

A foster mother trying to deal with two babies on her own gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to help a recently widowed father reacclimate himself to his daughter. When a series of bizarre occurrences begin, and the two aren't sure who the intended victim is, they fight back together. In THE BABY EXCHANGE (4.5), Kelsey Roberts once again delivers wonderful characters and uses her sense of humor to make this story a keeper.

Reopening a bed and breakfast in the small town she grew up in, a young woman hoped to prove she could succeed at something. Using the murder that had occurred there fifteen years before to attract attention had seemed a brilliant idea until someone tried to kill her. And the hunk who came to town after reading the story could be her savior, or the killer. Amanda Stevens has penned a tale with excitement from beginning to end in STRANGER IN PARADISE (4).

A government agent doing her job takes the death bed confession of a Columbian informant. A year later, when she's kidnapped by someone who wants to know details of the night that's haunted her ever since, she's shocked to find herself attracted to her abductor, a man with no face who is ONLY A WHISPER (1). Gayle Wilson has a wonderful sense of suspense, but readers might be unhappy at being kept in the dark with the heroine for so long.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson