When Saxan Honey Todd hears of her twin brother's "death" she vows to avenge him. Leaving the rugged north country she heads to England and into Botolf, Earl of Regenford's territory.

Known as a fierce soldier, Botolf is unprepared for Saxan's vengeance; until he can prove that her brother is alive, he has his hands full of the wild beauty.

Before long, Saxan weaves a spell around Botolf, and when he in turn peels away the layers of Saxan's bravado he discovers a passionate woman beneath-the only kind of woman for a man like him to have as a wife.

Botolf brings his bride home to a land fraught with new dangers. As an enemy stalks them and bloodshed threatens, Saxan and Botolf fight to save those they love, their homeland and themselves.

With her quick wit and sparkling abilities, Hannah Howell brings two feisty characters straight off the pages. ONLY FOR YOU explores the relationships between lovers, mothers and brothers. Though there is barely a hint of sexual tension, there is more than enough depth of emotion to satisfy readers yearning for a sweet, yet powerful love story. SENSUAL (July, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin