Ian "Thorn" Blackwell and Jenny Delaney grew up together on neighboring plantations, but Ian was taken by Comanche and raised like one of their own. When his family found him, he was no longer the boy they knew.

Years later Jenny and Thorn's lives intertwine again. Jenny is a teacher, but she is also trying to keep her uncle's horse ranch alive. Thorn is a marvelous horse trainer and has a four-year-old son who needs "a mother's touch."

Jenny offers Thorn a job helping her on the ranch. They were friends once, but now there is something different about their relationship.

Thorn realizes that he is attracted to Jenny, but won't do anything about it. Jenny doesn't know what she feels for Thorn, but whatever it is, it's confusing.

Thorn convinces Jenny to marry him in a marriage of convenience. She agrees, but realizes she is falling for him. How can she turn their friendship into love?

ONLY WITH YOU is a sweet tale filled with wonderful secondary characters and sub-plots. The marriage of convenience takes place late in the novel, but the sharp repartee and lead characters' emotions move the story along. SWEET (Apr., 374 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager