Image of Only You (The Graysons, Book 5)


Image of Only You (The Graysons, Book 5)

Ray does not disappoint as she continues her Grayson family series with youngest child, and only daughter, Sierra. The chemistry between Sierra and Blade is intense, and you'll be most anxious to see how Sierra succeeds in business and love. Ray also introduces some secondary characters, who are begging for their own turn at love. We can only hope that the series will continue. It's a joy to read this always fresh and exciting saga.

As a favor to her sister-in-law, Sierra takes part in a celebrity auction in San Francisco. Businessman extraordinaire Blade Navarone puts up the winning bid, and Sierra makes the most of their meeting to become the exclusive broker for Navarone Properties in Texas. This also means relocating and making her own future away from her powerful and sheltering family. But she's definitely up to the challenge. Can she also break through the walls that Blade had erected around his heart? Does she want to?

Ruth has been so successful in her matchmaking efforts with her sons, it's hard to believe she doesn't have anything to do with these developments in her daughter's life, but that seems like the case. Or is it? (ST. MARTIN'S, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
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Jacqui McGugins