Nefertiti Kincaide is determined not to like Averal Ballantine, the corporate hatchet man whos been hired to fire excess personnel. But in spite of herself, she cant stop fantasizing about him.

In researching his background, she learns hes found great jobs for nearly everyone hes fired. Her knight in tarnished armor is turning out to be everyones fairy godfatherexcept his own. Although Averal can fix other peoples problems, he is haunted by painful memories from his past.

Even as they grow close, Averal cant seem to break free from his past. His traumatic relationship with his parents and his brothers death have left him emotionally numb. Realizing he can never fully commit to Nefertiti until he faces his past, Averal makes a desperate bid for the love of a lifetime.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT is a complex, emotional love story with ribbons of poignancy pulling the romance together in a treat that is just too good to resist. (Mar., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson