Friends use sex as a tool to reach their deepest emotions in this tautly written erotica. Tyler draws her characters well and employs the colors in clothing and furniture to coordinate their sexual development. This is a fascinating tale.

Eleanor is timid about all things. She won't experiment beyond the all-black underwear in her drawer because it violates her comfort zone. When her boyfriend calls her another name, she breaks up with him. Her best friend, Nora, has no limits. She has her clubs and best friend for sustenance. Nora is there for Eleanor's breakup with support and a big shoulder.

Now, as Eleanor tries to concentrate on her work as an art professional, she's busy thinking about co-worker Anthony. Each sees the other as a challenge, which is quite a departure for Eleanor. (Cheek, Sep., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown