Image of The Orchard: A Novel


Image of The Orchard: A Novel

This is a truly heartwarming and emotional story, with characters so interesting and unusual the reader can’t help but keep reading until the final page has been turned.

Grace Lyndon is working as a perfumer in Paris. When she discovers a tropical orchid that has the sweetest scent she has ever come in contact with, she brings it back to the company — only to have someone else reap the rewards. So she takes a job in Georgia, which means moving back home. Dylan Jackson is a widower who owns an apple farm in the mountains of northern Georgia. When Grace tracks a certain apple to Dylan’s orchard, sparks begin to fly between them. Although the attraction is there, it won’t be easy for these two people to experience love, since Grace is always moving forward, but Dylan cannot let go of the past. (THOMAS DUNNE, Jul., 320 pp., $22.99)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor